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SAcalcarasolWelcome to the Australian Society of Soil Science Inc South Australian Branch Home Page!

Here in SA we have a lively soil science community committed to digging deeper into soils and expanding new horizons. Spread across the state our members work for The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University, PIRSA, SARDI and private enterprise, to name just a few.

Our diverse group meets regularly at informal seminar nights, and a large crowd historically gathers for our Annual Lecture, held in September/October each year. The annual field trip is always an exciting day, drawing people from far and wide.

The following pages contain information about our upcoming and past events and our enthusiastic committee; you can get a glimpse in the photo gallery of the all the fun that we have.

If you wish to connect with other soil scientists in SA and learn about what is happening on the ground in your state then please join us and become a member of the ASSSI SA branch. You can email the branch if you require any additional information.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event, all welcome!

James Hall
Branch President


South Australian Branch Awards and Sponsorship

The South Australian Branch provide support to students to attend the National Soils Conference, the World Congress of Soil Science and the National Soil Judging Competition.  

The National Conferences are held every second year with the next conference scheduled for 2016.  The next World Congress of Soil Science is scheduled for 2018.

Application forms and further information will be available during the year of the conference and congress.

South Australian Honour Board

2016 Sean Mason James Hall  Ashleigh Doolette  Fien Degryse 
2015 Sean Mason James Hall Ashleigh Doolette Fien Degryse
2014 Erica Donner Sean Mason James Hall Casey Doolette
2013 Erica Donner Sean Mason Gausal Azam Casey Doolette
2012 Ann McNeill Erica Donner Anna McBeath & Gausal Azam Ashlea Doolette
2011 Ann McNeill Binoy Sakar Anna McBeath Ashlea Doolette
2010 Ann McNeill Murray Unkovich Therese McBeath Ashlea Doolette
2009 Melissa Fraser Seth Laurenson Ehasan Tavvakoli Ashlea Doolette
2008 Mark Thomas Melissa Fraser Therese McBeath Therese McBeath
2007 Ganga Hettiarachchi Mark Thomas Therese McBeath Clayton Butterly
2006 Damien adcock Dougal Currie Bernard Zarcinas Clayton Butterly
2005 Jock Churchman Warwick Dougherty Bernard Zarcinas Damien Adcock
2004 Jock Churchman   Bernard Zarcinas  
2003     Bernard Zarcinas  
2002 Cameron Grant   Bernard Zarcinas Bernard Zarcinas
2001 Cameron Grant   Bernard Zarcinas Graham Merrington
2000 Rob Fitzpatrick   Bernard Zarcinas Paul Dalby
1999 Rob Fitzpatrick   Bernard Zarcinas Paul Dalby
1997 Mike McLaughlin   Bernard Zarcinas Daryl Stevens

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